Friday, 29 April 2016

Two passes conquered

The photo is looking back down from our morning tea spot. Down below is Remolina and in the far distance Las Salas.

Ooh, a really long steep climb to 1580m but the views were worth it. Snow on side of track. Encountered a very large bull - everything about him was huge  - coming towards us on the track; for a second time I was glad Rob was in front. Followed all afternoon by dos perros ( 2 dogs) to Prioro where we have delightful Spanish hosts at our accommodation - last night hosts were Russian and night before German. Russians cooked fantastic food - a relief not to eat Fabada for a third night in a row even though we love it the effects are......well, it's beans, you can imagine....

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Las Salas - good to be alive!

The temperature was 7c this morning and we ended up with light snow falling on us and trekking through deep snow - in our running shoes. But it cleared and the scenery became spectacular - we were surrounded by high mountain peaks - the track traversed pastures with lovely cows grazing, nice forest with orchids, tiny daffodils and many other flowers braving the cold, and river gorges. But to start our walk we had an "exciting" ride with a crazy taxi driver up a narrow winding mountain road. I thought they drove on the left in Spain - not this guy! He had more faith than me that there were no oncoming vehicles. I was secretly glad Rob was in the front. Then he dropped us in the middle of an abandoned village instead of our agreed destination and took off. Great.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Campo de Casa

A fascinating trip on a local bus today through some depressing towns with abandoned mining structures. But then into spectacular mountain scenery, fast-flowing rivers, deep gorges and constant reminders of the ability of the Spanish to build roads,  tunnels and bridges in impossible landscapes. Gorgeous rural "hotel" tonight with just the sound of cowbells from our balcony. Sigh.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Couldn't eat all our delicious tureen of fabada asturias between us, even washing it down with a glass of rioja. So much food for so few euros!!

We spent 5 hours on train today to one of our favourite Spanish cities,  Oviedo, full of fabulous old buildings. Went through some spectacular mountain scenery en route. Tomorrow a bus to Campo de Casa - and then it's on foot for about a 1000kms.

Majestic Madrid