Thursday, 23 June 2016

Being tourists

It's not easy to unwind and slow down after a long distance walk. We are slowly getting the hang of it and have even been swimming - at a beach with a zillion other people. Had to swim in our undies cos we had no togs but no one took a blind bit of notice - there was much more naked flesh on show than we revealed! Talking of naked flesh, after checking in to our hotel in Valencia, we went to our room number 318 and surprised a naked man on our bed! We were told it was a computer error and were promptly upgraded to a better room.

We are enjoying Valencia, especially the old city, and finding our way around. We spent a day at the science complex and watched a fantastic Imax movie and spent ages at the ginormous aquarium.

Today we went to the produce markets and drank the traditional Valencian horchata - a bit like coconut - and ate fartons - a sweet cake. We visited the beautiful Silk Exchange - a Unesco World Heritage site, and the church of San Nicolas with a painted ceiling like the Sistine Chapel. 

And we are loving all the outdoor eating opportunities!

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