Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Penultimate day - Orriols

Ah-ha,  today we cracked the 1000 km mark! Woo-hoo.

We had a little assistance though. First a taxi to avoid a section between Besalu and Banyoles. From where we were dropped, a flat walk mainly on quiet back roads meant we walked 18 kms pretty fast. The surroundings were quite different - flat fields instead of mountains. Of course there was still the odd pig farm, but the one pictured below didn't smell.

However, we hadn't been able to get accommodation in Orriols and found that the hotel we had booked was 4.7 km away down a major road with lots of fast traffic and no way to avoid it. Then we discovered that there was nothing in Orriols and we wouldn't be able to get a taxi. That's when yet another trail angel, Pila, helped us out by taking us in her car to the hotel. Amazing. We have been helped by so many people, honestly I don't know how we would have managed without the kindness of strangers. 😊

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