Saturday, 11 June 2016

Distracted by donkeys

When we left Lluca this morning after a terrific breakfast, Kin's dog Zorb wanted to come with us.

It rained last night which cooled things down a bit and made a short and easy day even easier. We wandered along happily but when we saw some interesting donkeys we lost our focus and missed a marker. Luckily we soon realised we had gone wrong and turned back, much to the surprise of the donkeys.

Later on our trail we saw cyclists, a horse rider and Rob made friends with some handsome horses.

When we got to Alpens we discovered that we did not have a booking at the hostal. The owner was not renting out rooms for various reasons, but was very helpful and tried to find us a flat nearby, but with no luck. Eventually he said we could stay in his hostal, AND we could have dinner and breakfast! The room is very basic and the water in the shower kept turning off, but we are exceedingly grateful to our host for having us.

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