Saturday, 11 June 2016

BIG mistake in Lluca!

Our hostess Kin said dinner at 9, too late for us, and she offered to make us a simple meal earlier, to which we readily agreed. Then problem with water so couldn't feed us early and we were still in the dining room eating our simple (delicious) meal when other patrons arrive and get fed course after course of the most amazing gourmet dinner we have ever seen which WE could have had!! Rob VERY big grump. Now back in room listening to the happy chatter of the diners below and feeling miffed. Sigh.

Lovely place though and really we are quite happy! Photo is of our comfortable lounge. We are of course the only people staying here.

Nice walk today but stinking hot in afternoon, and track rerouted so gpx trail and our guidebook didn't match the signposts causing much confusion for quite some time....

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