Friday, 10 June 2016

End of section 6, dusty, but not so tired

Here we are in Gironella at the end of section 6 having walked 867 kms in total. We embark on the final section tomorrow which feels somewhat  unbelievable.

The Cal Majoral where we stayed last night has been in our hostess Rosemary's family for 3 generations. It is a beautiful hotel on pretty landscaped grounds. We were the only guests! We had a stunning room with big windows looking out over the green landscape. Rosemary had many Michelin awards on display, and she served us a 3 course dinner. Each was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. Breakfast was also incredible, she put out enough food for 10 people with so much variety, it would take ages to write it all down. She also cheerfully did our washing herself and unlike another place we know, charged us nothing. In fact the entire bill was exceptionally reasonable.

Our walk today was through a softer landscape, lots of green fields. Bit of a shock to be in a more populated area though, with cars whizzing past us on dirt roads and spraying us with dust. Not such a lot of climbing over the day and although it was hot we arrived here feeling a lot less tired than usual. Different scene in our hostal, it is tiny but we are in a newly refurbished room, very modern and flash. It was fun eating tapas in a local bar full of people.

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