Friday, 3 June 2016

Fly-camping at Messanes

What a hoot. Our walk this morning was lovely, mainly through trees which kept us cool. The afternoon was a lot harder as we were out in the hot sun and the trail went along dirt road for many endless kilometers. We did get some good views but I was definitely over it by the time we arrived at Masia Messanes,  a hotel which sits in splendid isolation in the middle of nowhere. Sadly for us, being a Friday night, it was full, so no room for us. They said we could camp and we could have a meal, but neither of us were looking forward to a night on the hard ground after a 24km day. We resigned ourselves to it and had a beer before setting up the fly. Lo and behold, our guardian angel is with us - they had a cancellation and we are now happily installed in a funky room with a lovely comfortable bed. Yay.

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